You do not always have to belong to a land to love it deeply. We do not always choose to be dedicated to the thing that gives us the greatest satisfaction, but life always gives us the time and freedom to find our way. And there is no greater satisfaction than arriving at a place, sometimes known, sometimes not, and saying: this is my home!

This is how the Ermita del Conde dream began. Sometimes the greatest hopes can be born from just a handful of soil and the confidence you place in it.  I did not feel like a conquering Julius Caesar (veni, vidi, vinci) when I first came to this area, but I did believe in its potential right from the start.

I remember the sadness I felt at seeing those seas of vineyards left abandoned to their fate because nobody wanted to continue the work which once sustained their forefathers. But I also remember that special moment when we made the decision to preserve the history of an area, some native varietals, and some very special terroir with great potential.

Our micro-parcels, with which are so pleased, are located in Otero, Valdiguel, La Pilara, Camino de Alcoba and San Roque. They say that love, sooner or later, ends up bearing fruit and, in this case, the fruit is marvellous.

There is no greater satisfaction than to see a nearly extinct varietal, such as the Albillo Mayor, budding once more on its century-old vines and reliving its heyday. And what can we say about the Tempranillo, or Tinto Fino as we call it here? This noble grape is making wines that are remarkable for their aromas and quality – a quality that is now flourishing, year after year, at over 1,000 metres altitude.

This dream is now in its tenth year. Some say that the last ten years have passed in a flash but, for us, they have not gone by so quickly. To make a good wine, you have to have the finest ingredients and let things happen slowly, without haste. Nothing is “well done” until it generates pride and, at Ermita del Conde, we think we can say that we have done things very well over the past few years, and continue to do so today, because the team at this winery is very proud indeed!

WE ARE ERMITA DEL CONDE: Marta, Raúl and Juanjo.