Ermita del Conde has a project. Our mission is to carry out, with the collaboration of our rural partners, a social commitment benefitting the environment and its families.

We are heading a project aimed at recovering ancient vineyards and enhancing the awareness of a native grape variety, Albillo Mayor.

The main goal of our recovery is based enthusiasm:

– we are enthusiastically determined to recognise and recover vineyards and old native vines left over from the invasive viniculture of foreign grape varieties that were imposed upon this region.

– enthusiasm by involving veteran vine growers and farmers who, feet firmly planted in the ground, work daily hand by hand, vine by vine, we intend to promote with enthusiasm a future for their children and future generations, by planting the seeds of success within this revival. From these roots a commercial enterprise is envisaged, providing fair value, quality harvests that reward the growers and viniculturists for their efforts in the fields.

Another objective of our team is to revolutionise the recognition of our best local grape variety strains, Albillo, Tempranillo and Bobal (also known as Valenciano) and identify the lost viniculture of rosé that once first reigned in Ribera del Duero area.

One of the great advantages aiding our project is our privileged location. At an altitude of almost 1000 metres the land produces wines of great development potential necessary for the production of a balanced and persistent wine displaying fresh notes and vividness.

At Ermita del Conde we are committed to a blend of tradition and innovation. We conduct training activities in the cellars for farmers and their children. We involve them in field test operations in pre-phylloseric terrain, treating each identified vine strain as an artwork, to be interpreted and appreciated differently.